Double Glazing, Warfield

Location: Warfield

The new Halo uPVC ‘Flush Sash’ system was recently chosen by the owners of a detached home in Warfield. The contemporary designed property was the perfect fit for the innovative modern window system. The owners were looking to have their front door and windows replaced with uPVC Double Glazing in Warfield for an added finishing touch to their already contemporary property.

The original windows on this home needed to be replaced and the home owner was seeking something that would stand out and make a statement. At Thames Valley Windows, we ensure that we met with the owners to gauge exactly what they were looking for and the ‘Flush Sash’ window system was automatically appealing to the home owners.

This style of Double Glazing in Warfield was the perfect option for this home, since the style would sit level with the window and door frames while being chic and adding a modern flair to classic timber window designs. These windows require very little maintenance, are very durable and securely built, and they are also energy efficient with an A rating. The owners also chose to accompany their window styles with a composite door with wood grain in Anthracite Grey to go with their chrome hardware.

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