Double Glazing, West Byfleet

Location: West Byfleet

This Georgian home was desperately in need of new and improved double glazing windows. Showing signs of damage and age, the windows on this West Byfleet home were no longer capable of providing substantial protection against the elements, and were also contributing in lowering the value of the property.

Choosing the new Halo Flush uPVC double glazing windows in West Byfleet in a grained wood finish, our client was able to retain the style of the home while updating their look in the process. They also chose traditional Georgian glazing bars to have on the exterior of the glass.

The new look of the home with the new Halo Flush uPVC double glazed windows in West Byfleet is astounding. They not only make the property look good as new but also provide the most up to date thermal and security protection. The home is much warmer and peaceful. Our client is thrilled that they were able to keep true to the historic details even though the double glazing windows are brand new.

This type of double glazing windows in West Byfleet is gaining rapid popularity in many homes, both modern and historical. Part of the appeal is that it is hassle free, provides outstanding protection and is an A-rated energy efficient home. The design of the uPVC double glazed window is to sit flush within the frame.

Our clients also enjoyed their new Halo Flush uPVC French Doors which allow more natural light to fill the room, as well as open directly out into the garden.

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