Double Glazing Windows in Yateley

Location: Yateley

The owners of this quaint property in Yateley were interested in replacing all of the current windows with double glazing windows in Yateley from the Halo Rustique range we carry and supply. They were looking for the durability and impeccable looks and feel that is only possible with these amazing timber-effect windows.

The design and construction of our white Halo double glazing windows in Yateley takes inspiration from traditional joinery and utilises cutting-edge techniques to provide safer, warmer windows for a property that will fit in perfectly with the property’s style.

They feature a smooth white finish and clean smooth lines on both the exterior and interior and are known for improving the thermal performance of homes. Due to the narrow frames they have, they allow greater amounts of sunlight to enter, providing superior amounts of natural light and warmth.

The durability of Halo uPVC casement windows is what attracts most customers to them, and the clients that own this property were no different. They have natural resistance to rot, atmospheric corrosion and mould and will last for many years into the future, with next to no maintenance required at all.

Our clients chose to have the double glazing windows in Yateley finished with Scotia beading on the windows themselves and the beautiful graphite connoisseur handles. We also replaced their Apeer front door and for the bathroom window, they opted for the obscured glass to provide as much privacy as possible.

Check out the gallery above to see just how the changes we helped to make with the installation of Halo windows effected the overall look and feel of this property. If you are interested in benefiting from our timber-alternative solutions and services too, why not get in contact with us or visit our Bracknell showroom. Our team of architectural designers and installers are always happy to help.

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