Low Cost Windows in Lightwater

Location: Lightwater

Our clients owned this contemporary detached home and were some of our first customers to choose the new range of low-cost windows from the Essential Collection. They wanted white Halo Flush uPVC double glazed windows for their property in Lightwater.

The home’s original single glazed windows required replacement, and the owners decided that they were looking for something that looked completely different. They contacted us here at Thames Valley Windows to talk about the various affordable double -glazing options that they could choose from and found they were drawn to the Flush Sash uPVC window’s clean lines. This new system is designed so that it sits flush in its frame to perfectly recapturing the traditional elegance of classic period timber window styles. However, it’s a popular choice for contemporary homes too, thanks to its simplicity and modern performance.

Having been A-rated energy efficiency, these made to measure uPVC windows offer excellent security and low maintenance for a hassle-free, beautiful look for any home.

As the perfect finishing touch to their project, the clients decided to pair their Halo Flush low-cost windows in Lightwater with a composite high-performance door with an anthracite grey woodgrain finish, all complement by stylish chrome door furniture. The 70mm-thick door sash at the door’s heart is much thicker than a regular 44mm door for extra strength and thermal efficiency. At the same time, the front door also features a draught excluding double rebate and triple glazing for even better energy efficiency. Thanks to its steel reinforcement, the door offers even an even higher level of security, with steel hinge bolts as well as a highly-sophisticated locking system with an anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-snap cylinder fitted as standard.

With their many excellent security, energy-saving and low maintenance features, these affordable doors and low-cost windows in Lightwater are virtually maintenance-free and represent excellent value for money. Contact us today at Thames Valley Windows to find out more about how we can give your home a brand-new look with double glazed windows at a price that you can afford.

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