Pebble Grey Timber Stable Door for 1850’s Semi Detached Cottage, Reading

Location: Reading

We recently installed a beautifully handcrafted timber stable door into the kitchen of this gorgeous 1850s semi-detached cottage in Reading.

The Reading homeowners purchased the charming period home in 2018 and were passionate about maintaining its authenticity. Subsequently, they sought out replica timber windows and doors that would seamlessly blend tradition with modern functionality.

Customer satisfaction and retention are important to us. In 2019, we installed  timber casement windows in the Reading property, so we were delighted that they decided to return to Thames Valley Windows for a replica replacement timber stable door.

The 1850s semi detached cottage is set on a quiet lane in the popular village of Beenham. It is surrounded by the outstanding natural beauty of rural farmland and offers incredible views of the countryside and the Kennet and Avon Canal.

The homeowners shared a deep emotional attachment to their original wooden stable door, which bore unique features reflecting the era in which their semi-detached cottage was built. They were seeking guidance from Thames Valley Windows, with their primary concern being the meticulous replication of the wooden stable door while incorporating modern living features such as advanced locking systems and draft-proofing.

They were also keen to retrofit the vision panel with their existing 14mm stained glass unit and reuse some of the door furniture, particularly the black ring knocker.

Rob, our dedicated project manager, contacted the homeowners in Reading with a genuine interest in their stable door replacement. He was eager to arrange a site visit to gain insight into their specific requirements and preferences and provide an accurate quote.

Our designer, Rob, brings a wealth of experience in the glazing industry and a deep passion for traditional British aesthetics. He has a profound understanding of period architectural styles and specialises in designing architectural glazing solutions that seamlessly blend modern-day living with the architectural integrity of period properties. These architectural glazing solutions improve energy efficiency and security and significantly enhance the visual appeal of your home.

The solid, stable door is expertly crafted from European Redwood. It has been finished in RAL7032 pebble grey to complement the existing double-glazed wooden casement windows perfectly.

The homeowners selected black monkey tail slimline lever handles that complement the period and style of the timber stable door. This design feature, combined with the traditional shiplap panels and the elegant heritage pebble grey colour, harmonises well with the brickwork’s colour, enhancing the property’s overall visual appeal.

Our range of stable doors, beautifully styled and hand-crafted, offer more than just aesthetics. They provide durability, thermal efficiency, and high levels of security, ensuring that your home remains comfortable and safe, while maintaining its traditional charm.

They are popular with homeowners and ideal for farmhouses, country cottages or Period properties in conservation areas.

Timber stable doors, with their unique replication of the traditional barn-style entrance, are a distinctive architectural feature.

The Dutch Door, also known as the stable door, originated in the Netherlands in the 17th century. It was a practical solution for traditional farmhouses, allowing for ventilation and light while keeping animals and young children safe indoors.

The beauty of the multi-functional stable door lies in its versatility. Divided horizontally, it forms a lower and upper section, offering a two-part opening system. This unique design allows the doors to open independently of each other or as a single unit, adapting to the needs of the homeowner and the space it occupies.

External stable doors are an excellent option for both new builds and traditional properties. They add character to older homes and create a charming entrance. They are also a popular choice for back doors in kitchens. The multi-functional stable door offers versatility, allowing for fresh air and light while keeping animals and young children safe indoors.

Our custom-made timber stable doors are eco-friendly and tailored to your needs. They come in various panel designs, finishes, and hinge mechanisms and feature a highly secure multi-point locking system with cylinder locks. You can also choose from different glazing configurations, including double or triple glazing.

Our environmentally friendly timber stable doors are manufactured from the highest-quality, engineered timber, including oak, hardwood, and European redwood varieties. These materials are known for their outstanding performance, stability, and longevity, ensuring that your new timber stable door will enhance the beauty and functionality of your home for years to come.

Timber is a natural and sustainable material that provides excellent insulation for external doors and windows. Our timber windows and doors are treated with innovative technology to make them resistant to atmospheric corrosion, mould, and rot. They are also designed not to warp or twist and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, they offer 21st-century security and insulation performance.

Each wooden stable door is factory-finished with microporous paint available in various colours to ensure a perfect finish and maximum protection for the timber.

Throughout the project, a collaborative approach was maintained with regular updates. Our team valued the homeowner’s input, ensuring the final stable door design met and exceeded their expectations.

During the installation process, our team ensured minimal disruption to the homeowners’ daily lives, completing the project within the agreed timeframe.

Take a look at the “before” picture in our gallery above to see the transformation.

The end result is a breathtaking, beautifully crafted replacement timber stable door that flawlessly integrates the charm of the original design with cutting-edge functionality. The Reading homeowners are overjoyed with the outcome, expressing their satisfaction with the meticulous attention to detail and the success of preserving the character of their home.

They advised of the following:

What helped you make your decision? Price/quality/features, etc?

This was an easy decision; we already knew how good the product was because we had windows installed a few years earlier, but knowing that fitting a door and frame into an old cottage needed great skill and an understanding of an older property, we had no doubt that TVW would have the right craftsman on their team. Price was a consideration, but knowing that it would match what we already had was a big plus against going for a cheaper option.

Results – did it meet aspirations? What impact has the installation had – lifestyle change, property value

The effect over winter has been tremendous; it must help with the heating bills and overall energy usage, as we now have a draft-free kitchen. It is hard to say whether it adds a £££ value, but if we were to sell the property, it certainly adds curb appeal.

Why did you choose Thames Valley Windows , and what made us unique to other providers?

We were prior customers and delighted with the previous installation, so apart from a local craftsman building us a bespoke door, we never looked at another supplier. Plus, they were happy to re-install a bespoke piece of glass we wanted to retain from the old door and matched the hardware to the window catches they had previously installed.

How has your overall experience been with TVW?

Superb customer service, a sensible approach to paying at the various stages of the installation and an excellent product

Any other comments:

The homeowners’ feedback reflects their deep attachment to their original wooden stable door and their satisfaction with the replacement. They noted that even though the existing door was old, draughty, and tatty, it was one of the reasons they fell in love with the cottage. They were delighted that Thames Valley Windows was able to retain the love with a wonderful installation that fits beautifully, preserving the charm of the original design while incorporating modern features for improved comfort and security.

This replacement timber stable door is a testament to the successful marriage of tradition and modernity. It exemplifies Thames Valley Windows’ commitment to understanding clients’ unique needs, collaborating closely with them, and delivering bespoke glazing solutions that surpass expectations. The project not only enhanced the aesthetics of the 1850s semi-detached cottage but also improved its overall security, energy efficiency, and comfort.

Our commitment to delivering the best results has resulted in repeat business, glowing testimonials, and over 500 Trustpilot reviews. We strongly believe that experience is irreplaceable in the glazing industry.

Thames Valley Window Company has been designing and installing double-glazed timber windows and front doors throughout Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, and conservation areas for 40 years. We specialise in restoring the character and architecture of period properties with modern living benefits.

Our Timber Showroom in Bracknell is open six days a week and features a variety of timber doors and windows. Whether you’re interested in a solid oak door or sash windows, our team of highly skilled designers is available to discuss your project requirements.


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