Residence 9 (R9) Timber Alternative Windows, Maidenhead

Location: Maidenhead

Our client in Maidenhead wanted to replace their timber windows with new timber windows to improve the look of their property.  As you would expect with timber windows, it had started to look tatty and the paint was peeling. Having visited our showroom, they discovered the Residence 9 timber alternative collection and opted to have these installed instead. Not only do they look like timber, but they remove the need for maintenance and improve both the thermal insulation and security of your home. They’re not as expensive as real timber windows, either, so our client was delighted all round!

The cills are custom made in hardwood to replicate the original thickness as the composite option was too thin.

The timber alternative window is truly an alternative to real timber. They will never need painting and will not expand or shrink with the changing seasons. They are maintenance-free and do not require cutting down trees, harming our environment or compromising on the style and value of your property.

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