Solarlux SL 81 Bi-Fold Doors, East Grinstead

Location: East Grinstead

We recently installed Solarlux SL81 Bifold doors into a gable end extension at a  detached bungalow in East Gristead.

The owners of this 1960s bungalow on a beautiful plot in the East Grinstead countryside were keen to add a contemporary gable end extension to the property that completely contrasts the existing building. A large oak frame gable and Cotswold stone exterior really set the new area off from the old.

This project was in collaboration with a local builder, and we worked as a team to provide our glazing expertise for the gable end design.

The large Gable end extension is complemented brilliantly by Solarlux SL 81 Bi-Folding Doors and Solarlux windows on all elevations, providing open-plan views whichever way you face.

Due to the width of the gable, structural steel was required to support the opening. The Solarlux SL 81 Bi-Folding Doors sat beneath the steel, and Thames Valley Windows provided an external cladding detail to blend the steel into the framework.

In a rather unique design, the gable frame also sat in front of the large oak frames so they could be part of the interior of the building but not take up any glass area on the outside.

The Solarlux SL 81 is one of the highest performing Bi-Folding Doors on the East Grinstead market, providing an overall u-value of 1.2 double-glazed and as low as 0.9 triple-glazed, despite being a full aluminium door.

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