Traditional White Front Door with Black Furniture, Apeer 70 Rowton, Farnborough

Location: Farnborough

We recently installed a traditional white front door into a detached property situated on a residential road in Farnborough.

The Farnborough homeowners contacted us via our website, looking for a quotation for a traditional energy-efficient front door and sidelight to replace their existing white front door.

Our client’s brief was to upgrade their double-glazed white front door with improved thermal efficiency and security performance whilst retaining an air of traditional elegance.

Our designer, Luke, called the Windsor homeowners and arranged an appointment at our Bracknell showroom to view the range of uPVC, Aluminium, timber, and composite front doors we have on display.

At the appointment, Luke spent time with the homeowners discussing the range of Apeer, Evolution, and John Frederick front doors on display in our showroom and the different glass designs and colours to choose from.

The Farnborough homeowners were keen to place an order for the traditional-style “Rowton” composite front door by Apeer. They were also impressed with the security features that the Apeer door offers.

The Traditional Rowton front door is popular for period and contemporary properties.

The Farnborough homeowners chose a white wood grain finish on the exterior and interior for the Apeer 70 traditional Rowton front door. The decorative glass panels within the door leaf and sidelight are designed with toughened Low-E leaded stained glass, which adds an eye-catching feature to the entrance door and allows natural light into the house.

The clients also chose traditional forged black furniture, including bull ring door knocker, monkey tail handle and architectural letter plate.

A white entrance door has a timeless appeal that transcends trends. It’s a classic choice that always stays in style, offering a fresh, clean look that can enhance any home’s exterior.

The white front door is not only stylish, it’s also designed to open inwards with ease. The smooth operating butt hinges and the multi-locking system ensures the homeowner’s safety and security.

Apeer composite doors are designed to be energy-efficient and secure. PAS24, secured by design, comes with triple-glazed glass and an A rating for energy efficiency. The doors are 70mm thick and have a double rebate, which is highly insulating and durable. They are reinforced with steel and metal, with a vertical steel bar running from top to bottom. The hinge bolts are large and made of steel, ensuring maximum security. The cylinder locks are approved for protection and have anti-drill, anti-bump, anti-pick, and anti-snap features.

The double rebate provides excellent weather, acoustic and security performance. Each Apeer 70 Traditional composite door is unique and made to measure. They are ideal for homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance and tradition to their heritage or modern homes. The doors are low-maintenance and designed with a natural wood grain to resemble timber. They come in a range of standard and premium composite door colours that are sprayed, bonded, and sealed to protect them from cracking, peeling, and flaking, ensuring they look immaculate for years.

Throughout history, the colour white has carried significant symbolism in many cultures. It’s often associated with purity, innocence, and cleanliness. In the context of a home, a white front door can convey a sense of peace and tranquillity and create a welcoming vibe.

A white front door can make your home feel open and inviting, setting a positive tone for guests before they enter. This symbolism and its aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice among homeowners.

The Chinese design philosophy of feng shui , believes the front door of a house is the mouth through which the energy or chi flows into the home. The front door’s colour can play an essential role in deciding the type of energy that enters the house. A white external door symbolises purity and clarity that attracts positive energy into the house. This can create a warm, inviting, and harmonious environment that promotes peace, happiness, and well-being.

The door’s orientation also plays a role in Feng Shui. For instance, a white front door facing east can symbolise growth and family harmony. Regardless of your door’s direction, keeping it clean and well-maintained is vital to promoting good energy flow.

We love how this white entrance door and black furniture compliments this detached property’s red brickwork and white Georgian windows.

The Farnborough homeowners also gave us an excellent 5-star Trustpilot review and lovely feedback

5 star review

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