uPVC Double Glazing in Chineham

Location: Chineham

Located in Chineham, this lovely property is used as a family home; the original window fixtures had a lead diamond design with windows finished in rosewood. Our clients were looking for a modern design for their windows as well as an increase in thermal efficiency.

Halo Rustique was selected, using a rectangular leaded design with the addition of cills made from hardwood; helping it to fit in with other white uPVC double glazing, Chineham wide. The option of including fan lights was decided against, creating a more simplistic and clean overall look. The interior of the windows is completed with chrome designed brushed handles for the windows for a contemporary style.

With the front door of the property being made from Rustique rosewood, it creates a perfect blend against the coloured garage and the Tudor styled beams on the exterior of the property. The chrome letterbox and styled door knocker enhance the modern look.

The dining room also benefited from the installation of new double doors and the garage door was upgraded with uPVC.

The final home renovation was completed with white soffits and fascias, along with new guttering around the property in a black finish.

The client was thrilled with the new makeover that their home received. The uPVC double glazing, Chineham based fitters gave the property a completely new look, and we believe that it makes the property look much more appealing not only for the homeowners, but for prospective future buyers.

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