uPVC Double Glazing in Sunningdale

Location: Sunningdale

This extremely impressive Berkshire property still had the 15-year-old double glazed white timber framed windows that were installed originally by the property’s developer. After so many years they were starting to let in drafts and show the signs of years’ worth of wear. The clients wished to add new patio doors, in 3 sets, at the back of their property and replace the current windows with new ones.

The uPVC double glazing, Sunningdale based, team at Thames Valley Windows offered up a selection of designs that would add substance to the property. The clients were then able to visualise the look of the property with the addition of the new patio doors and the improved window designs. After considering the options, the clients chose an alternative timber window from Evolution, with the addition of a Georgian bar on the window. The new design offers a classic style look, but with a clean modern finish. The windows have the visual appearance of traditional timber, but are very low maintenance.

Despite looking traditional, the windows by Evolution are built to last in the modern world. They also benefit from an extremely advanced system for locking; as the best on the marketplace, it is an ideal addition to uPVC double glazing, Sunningdale wide.

Overall the new windows provide an increased level of security, the benefit of great soundproofing, the creation of a warmer environment and a higher level of exterior and interior property appeal.

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