uPVC Double Glazing, The Warren

Location: The Warren

These homeowners in The Warren were impressed by our Rosewood uPVC designs after noticing that many of the people in their neighbourhood had them installed in their homes. They came to have a look at our showroom and were thrilled when they came upon a black/brown ebony coloured finish which perfectly matched their homes porch and timber façade. They spoke with our experts to ensure that these deigns would suit their home, and eventually decided to go ahead.

Our installation team installed a brand-new set of French doors to replace their original sliding patio door set and a triple glazed Apeer front door to go with their rustique black/brown grained wood uPVC windows. The owners were delighted with the results and were so pleased that the work was done to suit their specifications, and their budget, while adding even more charm to their already beautiful modern haven. These brand-new windows and doors are durable, secure and need very little maintenance to keep them in tip top shape. Our expert installers make sure you can have peace of mind that you’ll enjoy your home additions for years to come.

The team at Thames Valley Windows are experts in making sure that you are pleased with the results you receive and that you are thrilled with our service.

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