uPVC Double Glazing, Windlesham

Location: Windlesham

A charming cottage in Windlesham has recently been restored, thanks to Timber Alternative uPVC double glazing windows in Windlesham, which have brought a touch of elegance, beauty and style to the property.

Our client was granted a planning permission which allowed them to free reign to do what they wished. Intent on extending their property, they had architectural plans drawn up and were interested in obtaining a quote. Working alongside our design team, our client was informed of the benefits in redesigning and modifying the size, style and shape of the windows. In doing so, their property would not only be higher valued, but it would greatly enhance the already charming style.

Our client in Windlesham was thrilled with the uPVC double glazing windows in Windlesham due to their striking resemblance to natural wood but without the maintenance. The uPVC double glazed windows are also energy efficient and offer extra security and protection against outside noises.

The new grained wood finish of the uPVC double glazing windows drawn by the architect has more depth, giving the exterior of this Windlesham property a sense of elegance and charm. Wanting to honour the traditional essence of the home, the client chose windows with Georgian Glazing bars to resemble authentic Georgian windows. Hardwood cills were then added to complement the new look.

Our client is thrilled with the renovations done to their extended Windlesham property and is beyond pleased with the new windows, design alterations, and the service from Thames Valley Window Company.

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