27th March 2023

Flush and Low Thresholds for Bifolding Doors

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Investing in bi-folding doors is a great way to make your home more spacious. Find out about flush and low thresholds for bi-folding doors before you buy!

Bifold doors are hugely popular with homeowners as they help open up the internal space and provide access to the outdoors even when the weather stops you from going outside!

However, before investing, it’s wise to consider low and flush thresholds for bi-folding doors to keep your access as easy as possible. We’ve shared some top tips and essential threshold and sliding door track information to help you understand the relationship between patio doors and thresholds.

What are Thresholds?

When you think of the word threshold, you are probably transported to the idea of newlyweds entering their new house!

The threshold is simply the doorway into a property you cross when entering or exiting. With bi-folding doors, the threshold covers the entire doorway line from the door frame to the internal floor. However, they are not always denoted by a step up or down.

Many modern homes use low and flush thresholds for bi-folding doors to give the illusion of openness and space and be practical and trip hazard free. Even if your existing opening does not have a stepped threshold that you can see, there is always a threshold there that needs to be crossed to get in or get out.

In addition to providing your entrance and exit, the threshold on bi-folding doors is also home to the wheels of the doors so that they can move glass panels along the sliding door track with an effortless glide.

What Threshold Options Do I Have for My Bifolding Doors?

The range of options and solutions for bi-folding door thresholds is extensive, with several support features that can also be used to deal with concerns about leaks or accessibility. The following thresholds are the most commonly used:

  • Standard Thresholds
  • Low and Flush Thresholds
  • Low Thresholds, Including a Rebate
  • High Thresholds

When you are ready to invest in your new bi-folding doors, asking for a professional opinion on the right ones is wise. Most window and door installers will provide a free quotation and site visit and offer information on each option so you can pick the perfect choice for your home renovation and new build project.

Which Threshold Should I Choose?

When picking between the high or low and flush thresholds for patio doors, thinking about both practicalities and aesthetics is essential. Many people opt for high thresholds because they are told it is better for weather protection and will help keep their home warm, but this is only sometimes the case.

Low and flush thresholds can be expertly designed to include weather protection features and drainage systems with the same energy efficiency as high thresholds.

The other great thing about low and flush thresholds is that the internal and external levels are the same height, so you will not need to worry about installing ramps, steps or other accessibility features to help people get in and out of your property. Plus, the finished look will always be sleek and attractive when you choose low and flush thresholds.

What Things Should I Consider Before Choosing My Threshold?

Once you know the type of threshold that you think you want for your chosen doors, it is important to assess whether it is suitable for your property. Some of the critical considerations that you will need to think about include the following:

  • Location  if your bi-folding door location would be exposed to driving rain, a flush threshold may not suit your needs unless you have a cill installed to move the water away.
  • Drainage – you may also need to consider installing a storm drain or other drainage solution that will remove Flush and Low Thresholds for Bifolding Doors
  • Accessibility – if you want to make your property accessible for people with disabilities, you may need to consider a flush threshold to eliminate trip hazards.
  • Coverage – you may also want to consider installing a canopy or cover over the doors to help reduce the risk of rain coming in when you have the doors open.

There’s no doubt that low and flush thresholds for bi-folding doors are the best choice for style, so look at the different types on offer and select the one that best meets your needs today.

Our range of Solarlux bi-folding doors offer a range of thresholds, and one of our designers would be happy to discuss the options with you in more detail and provide a free quotation.


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