27th November 2020

Glazing Bars Make A Comeback in Bi-fold Doors?

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2020 has seen a huge resurgence in the glazing industry for aluminium bifold doors with glazing bars

Glazing Bars

As the saying goes, “what goes around, comes around” – and glazing bars that hark back to the Georgian and Victorian periods are back in trend in the 21st century and are one of the most sought-after additions for modern bi-fold doors.


bifold doors with glazing bars

If you’ve been researching for new build or retro home renovation inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram, you will off seen hundreds of feeds and boards awash with black Heritage doors.

These timeless iconic doors were first introduced in the mid-18th century and have become one of the fastest-growing trends since the early 1930s that have significantly impacted Mid-Century decor over recent years.

Many homeowners in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, and Surrey seem to be openly embracing the splendour of the Art deco and Industrial design aesthetic!

bifolding doors with glazing bars

There is an abundance of uPVC, aluminium, timber and composite exterior and internal door systems for architects, interior designers and homeowners to choose from. But there is no denying that the nostalgia factor of these industrial metal bi-folding doors isn’t just limited to the traditional retro charm; it marks the return to a simple yet subtle luxurious feeling to any residential or commercial property.

Whether you have a period property that you want to keep true to the original style or have become infatuated with the period style, we take a look at our range of neo-industrial styled bi-fold doors and get inspired!

bifold doors with glazing bars

Industrial Style Meets Contemporary Living

Bi-folding doors offer a seamless solution to extend a room into the garden, the most prominent trend for contemporary open-plan living. When the bifold doors are fully opened, they allow the inside to connect with the outdoors.

High-quality aluminium bifold doors with slim sightlines, authentic glazing bars, and period hardware are designed to replicate the look of the original iconic steel doors but with the latest advanced performance technology and at a fraction of the cost.

Utilising the highly desirable minimalist sightlines of Solarlux bi-folding doors, our steel-look bifold doors provide 1920s interior decor into the 21st century.

Incorporating modern aluminium technology with traditional features, these bifold doors with glazing bars offer unrivalled performance and add a much sought-after classic aesthetic to any property style.

bifold doors with glazing bars

Whether it be a townhouse, industrial loft apartment, listed building in conservation areas or quite simply in a modern new build or home extension, these doors offer beautifully simplistic interiors and allow natural light to flood into any living space.

Ultra sleek, modern and timeless design, these thermally broken aluminium bi-folding doors with glazing bars can be powder coated in any RAL colour. However, if you are seeking an industrial design, choose classic black or anthracite grey for a refined steel appearance.

A popular colour choice for Heritage buildings and Georgian-style window and door glazing is a white or cream finish.

bifold doors with glazing bars

We replicate traditional features with modern 25mm aluminium glazing bars that are fixed to the glass on both the inside and outside, giving the appearance of divided multiple panes of classic square or contemporary rectangular panes within a single piece of glazing.

Bi-folding door combines the premier of technology and state-of-the-art design, allowing thermally broken aluminium profiles that can achieve efficient u-values as low 1.1W/m²K. and an outstanding level of security, thermal insulation and weather protection.

Award-winning luxury bi-fold doors from Solarlux are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards with a vast array of options and a multitude of configurations for openings with unmatched thermal and acoustic performance.

bifold doors with glazing bars

Our bi-fold doors are popular for external patio doors but can also be used as internal room dividers.

Solarlux offers a range of stunning bi-fold doors in a steel look design. For more information, click here.

We’re currently getting plenty of requests for double-glazed bi-fold doors with glazing bars. To discover our steel look bi-fold door prices now, call 0800 181 698 and request for a free no-obligation quote! Or contact us online and arrange for an appointment at our showroom or your home!

bifold doors with glazing bars


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