17th April 2023

Modern Trends in Large Moveable Glass Walls and Internal Partitions

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Creating Bright and Light-Filled Spaces with Contemporary Moveable Glass Walls and Internal Partitions

One of the most favoured interior design trends of the past couple of years has been creating bright and light-filled spaces with contemporary moveable glass walls and internal partitions, and in 2023 we expect that to remain the same.

Influenced by the era of focusing on wellness and the positive effect of connecting our homes to nature to create a tranquil haven has never been more popular.

The open-plan living trend took the interior design world by storm in the 90s as homeowners wanted the feeling of openness, but it is slowly fading out and being replaced by broken-plan living spaces.

Natural light is an important design element within homes. This modern trend creates a feeling of space and well-being in their homes and shows no sign of slowing down. We’ve compiled some of the most popular trends in moveable glass walls to help get you inspired and make an informed decision!

Look at the options below and contact us if you have any questions.

How Trends in Moveable Glass Walls and Partitions Are Changing Spaces

Glass walls and partitions are not just an on-trend architectural feature that is being added to new build properties to create a modern aesthetic; they are also being used in the renovation of more traditional properties to update living spaces and change the layout of properties to make them more spacious, light and airy.

From a focus on sustainability and well-being, this modern trend has evolved with the continued innovation of glass products.

From internal partitions in bathrooms offering privacy to moveable glass sliding systems that divide large living spaces, there is something for everyone!

Current Trends Moveable Glass Walls and Partitions in Residential Properties

Adhering to trends in moveable walls and partitions Some of the most commonly found trends in residential properties include:

  • Glass partitions in bathrooms that offer privacy without removing light
  • Folding glass walls that create separate rooms or pods in an open-plan living area
  • Bifold or sliding doors that help to incorporate the outdoors into your interior
  • Smart glass that changes colour or goes opaque to provide privacy when it is needed
  • And many more!

If you can think of a wall that could be replaced with glass, it probably can. However, it’s important to remember that glass is not load-bearing and can only replace a structural wall with considerable work, including installing the steel. If you are still determining whether your vision of glass walls and partitions can become a reality, it’s best to talk with an expert to get accurate advice.

How Glass Walls and Partitions Are Being Used in Businesses

Moveable glass walls and partitions are more than just architectural glazing solutions that work for residential properties. They are also widely used in business premises. Some of the ways that businesses use these solutions include:

  • Flexible meeting spaces that can be moved and adjusted to accommodate everyone that needs to attend
  • Creating office partitions without blocking light or making people feel cramped
  • Using moveable glass to design attractive shop displays that can be taken down or relocated
  • Smart glass is also used in high-spec hospitality businesses for bathrooms and toilets

This on-trend luxurious feature of moveable glass walls and internal partitions with frameless sliding doors continues to grow; more businesses are tapping into the potential of glass and working hard to create retail and business spaces that reflect their commitment to modern design and creative workplaces.

Simple Ideas for Glass Walls and Internal Partitions

If you are keen to invest in moveable glass walls or internal partitions for your property, you will probably be eager to research ideas that will translate well for your needs. Some of the most popular uses for this trend include:

  • Wine Storage Area – allowing you to view your wine collection while storing it in a temperature-controlled space. It also makes an excellent centrepiece for your property, giving your guests a talking point to help ease the conversation pressure at functions.
  • Glass Encased En-Suite – if your en-suite is small or you want to update your bedroom, adding in glass doors or a standalone glass partition will offer transparency and the illusion of space. You can even think about using smart glass to choose when to opt for total privacy.
  • External Glass Doors – love the idea of bringing the outside in? Invest in high-quality sliding glass walls that run the length of your property, and never crave natural light again!
  • Glass Roof – if you don’t want to add partitions or doors, you can always think about adding glass roof panels to your space to help open and brighten it up. There is a range of different glass roof types to choose from, so take the time to shop around to find the right solution for your needs.

When Will the Moveable Glass Walls and Partition Trend End?

Although trends come and go, we believe that glass walls and internal partitions are adaptable to many interior trends and will stand the test of time with traditional and modern properties.

Our friendly and knowledgeable design team will be happy to provide any advice or guidance that you may require for internal partitions or moveable glass walls.

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