1st September 2023

Solarlux 40th Anniversary – Bifold Doors Promotional Discount

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Solarlux 40th Anniversary - Bifold Doors Promotional Discount

Solarlux Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Solarlux is offering a promotional discount on Ecoline, Highline and Combiline bi-folding doors. *Terms and Conditions: Offer excludes actual quotations and existing orders. Minimum order £1,000 ex. VAT ends 30.09.2023.

These discounts are for a limited time, so don’t miss out. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote


Solarlux started with an idea when two ambitious entrepreneurs, Heinz Theo Ebbert and Herbert Holtgreife, created the concept for the world’s first modern bi-folding door system – sketched on a beermat. Both had worked in the facades and window industry for many years and were looking for a new challenge in the energy-saving sector.

Within a couple of years, their idea of a folding glass wall for balconies, which created additional living space and acted as a thermal buffer to save energy, became a reality. Moving forward, this idea transcended traditional norms for living by creating a versatile glazing solution for large openings like never before. Together with their slender profiles, they make smooth transitions between inside and outside.

Nowadays, bifold doors are used in an external façade, as part of Wintergarden glazed extensions for homes, restaurants, cafes and shop entrances, and as balcony glazing to keep out wind, rain and noise and act as a thermal buffer.

Consistency and tradition are vital to any business’s success, and today, Solarlux is run by a new generation, Herbert’s son, Stefan and the company has over 1000 employees worldwide.

Solarlux now specialises in large-scale, glazed openings and conducts its research, development and manufacturing. Architecture is moving away from strong insulation towards a different way of thinking, namely, using passive solar energy for heating and cooling. Solarlux has the right products for this area.

Light is life, and natural light, which large glazed surfaces create, provides clear transparency and airiness, bringing that outdoor feeling inside and giving a sense of well-being. As well as bi-folding doors, Solarlux develops and manufactures sliding doors, glass houses and Wintergarden glazed extensions.

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