6th August 2021

Solarlux Ecoline & Highline Bi-Folding Doors – A Video Guide

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Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Marcus from Thames Valley Windows, and today we will be talking about the Ecoline and Highline Bi-folding doors from Solarlux.

Highline and Ecoline are our premium folding glass door systems from Solarlux. It’s a state of the art aluminium bi-fold system.

The Ecoline and the Highline Bi-folding doors are primarily one system, the main difference being that the Ecoline is generally used for a double glazed system, and the Solarlux Highline, which is this one here, is designed for triple glazed units.

A Highline with a triple glazed unit would achieve a U value of 0.8 overall, which is an incredibly low U value. Using the Ecoline, you would achieve 1.3 as an overall U value with a double glazed system.

Thanks to the bionicTURTLE®, a multi-functional break profile, both the Ecoline and the Highline Bi-folding doors has one of the slimmest profiles on the market at just 99 millimetres across the two doors.

The Ecoline and Highline bi-fold glass doors from Solarlux are German-engineered systems. They are made in Germany in their factory in Melle, so quality and reliability are second to none. The lead door is tested to 50,000 cycles, and the paired doors are tested to 20,000 cycles. Twenty thousand cycles equate to 30 years if used every day.

The Ecoline and the Highline have three main tracks. This being the rebated track, you can also have a DDA track and a plus track. The DDA track has a minimum threshold of about 15 millimetres and the plus track is a complete plus track for a smooth transition from the inside to the outside.

As an optional extra, you can add blinds to the system. These sit outside of the glass, so they are fully interchangeable for servicing, and they pull down like so. There’s no fixed point so that you can pull the top-down as well. So you can move the blind anywhere you like.

The Solarlux Ecoline and Highline bi-folding doors are perfect for clients looking for a slim profile and a highly engineered premium aluminium system with outstanding thermal insulation and a high-security locking mechanism


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