10th August 2021

Award Winning Pirnar Aluminium Entrance Doors

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Pirnar aluminium entrance doors are award-winning front doors that are sure to make a striking statement to your home. Pirnar understands more than most that the entrance to a home is one of the most important factors and creates an immediate impression on the guest or homeowner, which follows into their expectation of the inside of the house.

Innovative and market leader in the state of the art entrance doors. Pirnar is a luxury brand synonymous with excellence in front door design and style for home installations

A Pirnar aluminium entrance door has the potential to completely transform a home no matter what the style or period of the house, crafted with a range of the highest quality materials.

Pirnar Aluminium Entrance Doors
Large Front Door – Pirnar Premium Door – Reading

Designed To Last

The company has an outstanding reputation for crafting luxurious entrance doors to the highest of standards. With more than five decades in the industry, you can be sure that they are passionate about what they do, and that shines through with the range of designs they offer.

Every Pirnar aluminium entrance door is made to last for many years, perfectly handcrafted with a smooth and manicured finish with unbeatable levels of security and insulation. You can choose from a single entry door or a set of double doors if your property allows, but no matter which design you prefer, you can rest assured that it will be a sturdy, solid and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

Pirnar Aluminium Entrance Doors
Aluminium Double Door with Sidelights – Pirnar Optimum Model 8211, Weybridge

A Touch Of Luxury

Going above and beyond what standard doors can offer, Pirnar has gained a reputation for style and functionality, going the extra mile. Pirnar aluminium entrance doors can be made up to 300cm in height for a spectacular visual impact, as well as being crafted with high-quality glass that allows light to flood into the entranceway, bathing the interior with light to greet guests. You are entirely in control of how you want your entrance door to be designed, and there’s nothing run-of-the-mill about these high-class installations.

In addition to choosing your material from aluminium to aluminium wood desired dimensions and designs of the door, you can have your say over a choice of gorgeous colours, surface textures, knockers, regular and hidden handles, and a variety of secure locking systems.

Not content to offer the basics, Pirnar door design goes above and beyond, so you can even integrate an entire LED lighting system to the installation to provide a much-needed light source when the sun goes down, and you can even have the door programmed to open with state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint reader technology.

Pirnar Aluminium Entrance Doors
Pirnar Front Door, Finchampstead

Doors Like No Other

Not only does a Pirnar door boost the kerb appeal of your home due to the stunning and innovative design features, but it makes your home stand out from the crowd and sets it apart. There’s no doubt that such a great front door assembly will increase the value of your home, and it immediately sets buyer’s expectations high before they set foot in the property.

With so many basic front doors on the market, choosing a Pirnar aluminium entrance door is sure to be a worthwhile investment when it comes to performance and beauty.


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