1st June 2021

Solarlux Glass Atrium Plus – A Video Guide

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Video Transcription:
Hi, I’m Marcus from Thames Valley Windows, and today we will be looking at the Atrium Plus roof system. The glass atrium roof is an innovative system that is either combined with a vertical frameless glass system to enclose a living room area or on its own as a standalone roof to cover the patio.

The Atrium plus is a single glazed system; the glass itself is always the safety glass, either laminated or toughened, which can be self-cleaning.

You have options for lights in the rafters and also an internal awning. The Atrium plus projects up to six meters in length and can span widths of six meters with no posts in between. It can go bigger, but you would need posts to do so.

It’s fully bespoke, so there is no limitation on the roof’s style and design. The Atrium Plus roof system has an integral gutter of aluminium, and the system can also run with an overhang up to 800 millimetres.

This roof design system comes in 32 standard colours, but you can have custom colours if preferred.

The architecture design of the Atrium plus roof system is an excellent way of extending the living space within properties and allowing maximum natural light to fill the room with protection from the elements.

By incorporating one of our bespoke glass atriums into your outdoor living space, you will create a modern architectural structure and usable space that enhances a beautiful ambience and becomes the hub of family life.

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