30th January 2021

Solarlux SL25 Frameless Slide and Turn Glass Door System – A Video Guide

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Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Marcus from Thames Valley Windows, and today we will be looking at the SL25 frameless slide and turn glass door system from Solarlux.

The SL25 is a single glazed frame system that is used for sliding patio doors, balcony glazing, internal partitioning and also for atriums as we have here. Similar to bifold doors, the system itself is a slide-and-stack system so that the individual glass panels will slide along a flush running track to a parking area here, and they move along and park-like so.

The glass door panels will move around the corner as well, so you’re not governed by corner posts.  The top hung system is designed to slide along the tracks on the top and park perpendicular to the system. You can park the panels on either side or on both sides to give maximum flexibility.

Colours of the system, although there is not much aluminium frame on the system as it is mainly frameless glass, you do still get the 32 standard colours to choose from, or you can go bespoke if you wish. The system primarily runs with a flush track; the track itself wouldn’t be painted to the system. It would be anodised to show fewer scratches.

The flush track is a perfect solution for internal partitioning as it creates no barrier between the two rooms, and equally, outside for patios, it creates no trip hazards. The SL25 is a perfect solution for the clients looking for an internal partition or equally for somebody looking for an external space that they can use all year round.

Frameless Slide and Turn Glass Door System Features:

Innovative Architecture Award Award-Winning Frameless Glass Slide and Turn Door System

All-glass slide-and-stack system

Easy to Operate

Zero maintenance

Glass Units 6-8mm

Tempered glass

Weather protection against wind and rain

Vertical, frameless, permanent ventilation

Door openings options slide left and/or right, outwards or inwards

Integrated 2-point lock optional child safety/burglar resistance lock

Move over any angle between 90° to 180°

The perfect sliding folding door system for outdoor living space than double glazed aluminium sliding doors or bi-folding doors. When fully closed, the frameless slide-and-turn glass door system keeps out driving rain and noise (up to 22 dB)

If you’d like to see and feel the high-quality frameless glass doors for yourself, we have a fully operational Solarlux SL25 Frameless Slide and Turn Glass Door System in our Bracknell showroom, which is open six days a week.


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