3rd April 2020

Spring Promotion – Internorm Doors and Windows?

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Spring it on with these fantastic Spring promotions on Internorm bespoke windows and entrance doors.

Internorm Triple Glazing Promotion


Get triple glazing for the price of double and enjoy a warmer home sooner rather than later. Our super-efficient triple glazing will make your home warmer, quieter and safer—triple the benefits at half the cost.

Finding the best glazing solution for your new home project, new build or home refurbishment can be complicated.

Internorm is Europe’s leading brand and has three different types of trendsetting solutions for high quality and energy-efficient window and doors with Passive House performance so whether you have a contemporary or traditional property Internorm offers the solution.

Internorm guarantee you high-quality windows and doors 100% made in Austria. They are a preferred choice for architects, as aesthetics and modern finishes being key factors, the options in colour, material and shape fulfil the exact requirements. However, one factor always remains the same for all Internorm windows: I-tec glazing

I-Tec Glazing: All-Round Innovation

Maximum burglary protection
Increased stability
Increased thermal insulation
Improved sound reduction

To ensure maximum security for your home, Internorm windows are equipped with I-tec glazing. Many windows are only connected to the frame at a few points. Internorm I-tec glazing, however, offers continuous all-round fixing of the glass pane as standard. This permanent bonding significantly improves the windows stability, thermal insulation, sound insulation and security.

I-Tec Insulation: Greater Insulation

Granulate instead of foam
Improved thermal insulation
Hollow chambers filled completely

For greater energy efficiency, we use I-tec insulation throughout Internorm UPVC-aluminium window range. Internorm windows are filled with granulate instead of foam, enabling the smallest of gaps to be filled. This provides high levels of insulation, helping to keep heating costs low.


lnternorm, offer enhanced thermal insulation glazing as standard. The ECLAZ® offers unprecedented thermal insulation, making it extremely eco-friendly. It also provides high transparency, ensuring up to 10% more daylight. Combining energy savings with improved comfort, the ECLAZ® is eco-innovation at its best.

Eco-Friendly – offers excellent insulation and lowers CO2•

Energy Efficient – combines energy savings with improved comfort.

Enhanced Natural Light – enjoy up to 10% more daylight.

Great Aesthetic

– extremely translucent offering a brilliant view to the outside.

Let’s take a closer look at the three individual types of window materials from Internorm.


uPVC windows from Internorm are designed to be the most affordable in their range; they offer thermal insulation, easy to maintain not affected by moisture and have low conductivity with U values as low as 0.63.

uPVC windows are available in various shapes such as triangular, round or arched. Upvc is very flexible when heated up so can bend into multiple configurations.

These windows are exclusively white in terms of exterior look and aesthetic. However, they can arrive in a variety of interior designs, such as anthracite grey, foiled wood and golden oak.

UPVC – Aluminium Cladding

With the current trend for steel windows or metallic décor, many homeowners choose to move toward aluminium for a variety of reasons.

This is where uPVC – aluminium window is another fantastic choice, aluminium Clad on the outside and uPVC on the inside for a bespoke look and design. Aluminium is available in any RAL colours with the option of metallic or textured.

The corner formation of aluminium clads is flawless and much cleaner looking than UPVC and so ensures a more beautiful appearance and guaranteed protection for many years.

Timber – Aluminium Cladding

Wood is an all-time favourite for the naturalist, timber-aluminium clad is the top range of Internorm windows, only the best wood is used to achieve the perfect timber grain finish. To ensure u-values and thermal insulation are performed in these composite windows, thermal foam is placed between the aluminium and timber

Internorm’s timber-aluminium window features aluminium clad on the outside and a timber surface on the inside. The aluminium clad is weather resistance so protects the wood,

This choice of any RAL colours and bespoke veneers, homeowners will also benefit from internal timber designs in walnut, oak, ash, spruce, larch and more.

What Are Internorm’s Style Collections?

Internorm also offers four different windows and doors design styles, all of which offer different touches to homes. Are you looking for windows and door glazing which complement modern architecture, or which will maximise natural light through classical spaces and styles? You can also mix and match the window material. For rooms prone to moisture, i.e. bathroom or kitchen use UPVC -Aluminium clad and for other rooms use timber-aluminium clad so externally they all look the same.


Studio range of windows and doors will appeal to those homeowners looking for minimalist design touches. Smooth lines, minimal curves and little to no flourishes can be expected.

Home Pure

Home Pure windows are perfect for those spaces which work to highlight your architecture, and which really bring in the natural light. Choose these window styles if you are keen to flood your home with light.

Home Soft

Home Soft windows from Interform, meanwhile, are perfect harmonious living. These windows are offer cosiness and comfort.


The stylish Ambiente range is likely to appeal to owners of period properties and traditional homes.

These windows are the opposite of Studio style frames and glazing as they go all-out on flourishes and stylish twists and turns. If you are keen to install windows that complement the intensity and artistry of your interior and exterior design, this is the collection for you.

What Are Some of Internorm’s Leading Technology

Internorm is not only known for its focus on the bespoke window and door glazing design but also their innovations. Their I-Tec technology, for example, helps to make windows and doors more resistant to humidity, enhance light travel, increase security and improve ventilation.

Internorm can even create smart windows and doors for your home! These can be controlled through tablets and phones, as well as other smart devices.

This means that you can open and close your Internorm doors and windows with a few taps and swipes, and what’s more, you can even control ventilation from your smartphone, too.

Internorm is leaders in glazing and insulation, as well as large-scale windows and sliding doors and a brand many homeowners and architects have come to trust over the years.

Hurry now and don’t miss out on this special promotion! Request a quote today, and one of our designers can show you how these beautifully designed Internorm doors and windows can transform your home.

*Terms and Conditions: Offer excludes actual quotations and existing orders. Minimum order £1,000 ex. VAT. Contracts must be completed by 22nd June 2020 to qualify for the promotion. Please note that this offer is not combined with any other current promotion. Special offer “Triple Glazing for the price of double” does not apply to entrance doors, basement windows and separate glass orders.


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