Dark Grey Metallic Bifold Doors with Blinds for a Luxurious Indoor Swimming Pool, Windsor

Location: Windsor

This luxurious indoor swimming pool has benefitted from these high-performance metallic grey bifold doors with blinds.

The Windsor homeowners purchased this stunning detached property in 2022. It is located on an exclusive cul-de-sac in a highly desirable Berkshire residential road.

They embarked on a complete transformation of their property, a journey that would maximise their existing space, enhance energy efficiency, and create a tranquil haven. The installation of our Solarlux Ecoline bifold doors and windows was a pivotal part of this project, turning their house into a modern, luminous, and welcoming family home.

The original house posed limitations in terms of versatility and energy efficiency. Like many homes in Windsor, outdated single-glazed wooden windows and doors resulted in higher energy bills and noise pollution.

Windsor is a historic location to be proud of. It is home to Windsor Castle, an extensive castle built on the River Thames by William The Conqueror in the 11th Century.

After researching local double glazing window companies, the homeowners contacted us requesting an appointment at our Bracknell Showroom to view our grey windows and doors.

The Swimming pool brief was to provide a high-quality bifold door system that would not warp, flex, or corrode in the extreme temperatures of the indoor swimming pool room and that would provide a seamless connection to the garden. This would also maximise the views and introduce more natural light into the property.

Ray worked closely with the Windsor homeowners to provide his exceptional, innovative glazing knowledge and expertise in design skills.

At the showroom appointment, Ray demonstrated the different bifold doors we have on display and discussed the different options, colours, and glazing. During the discussion on the style and functionality of the bifold doors, it was agreed that aluminium was the best investment for the indoor pool.

The Windsor homeowners already knew of Solarlux’s brand and reputation for high-quality, luxurious glazing products. Our comprehensive 10-year warranty impresses customers as it covers the glazing product against defects in materials and workmanship. This guarantee demonstrates our belief in the durability and quality of our glazing products and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

After a visit to our Bracknell showroom, they were immediately impressed by the Ecoline bi-fold doors, which, due to their minimal framing, offered greater panel width and height flexibility than other manufacturers.

They finally opted for two sets of double glazed Solarlux three-panel Ecoline bifold doors with a traffic door finished in RAL DB703 textured dark grey metallic with anthracite grey pleated blinds.

It provided exactly what they desired, including aesthetic appearance, thermal performance, superior quality, and high security. Additionally, it fulfilled their vision of clean, slim sightlines for a modern finish in their indoor swimming pool.

As part of this home renovation project, we installed Evolution windows, a Timber front door and an FSG to the Windsor property.

Solarlux aluminium doors and windows are not just beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. They are also highly energy efficient. Ecoline Bi-fold doors provide an overall U-value of 1.4 W/m²K., which is well below the UK building regulations requirement. This means that Solarlux doors and windows are designed to lower heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter, creating a sustainable and comfortable living environment within the home.

Solarlux’s award-winning aluminium bifold doors are renowned for their high quality, precision engineering, aesthetics, and long-lasting durability. This attention to detail and German-designed quality are key to ensuring their relevance in today’s ever-evolving glazing industry.

They have been manufactured in Germany for over 35 years and exceed the security and energy efficiency requirements of UK building regulations.

Lightweight and smooth to operate, the door panels can be constructed to open outwards or inwards. They are highly resistant to corrosion and warping and are virtually maintenance-free.

Thames Valley Windows is delighted to be an authorised Solarlux Quality Partner of these excellent glazing products.

The Ecoline bifold door system is synonymous with clean lines and an ultra-slim profile. It boasts a building depth of 67 mm, a maximum panel width of 1 meter, and a maximum height of 3 meters. This is due to the larger aluminium hinge system, which allows for larger and heavier panels. The system also offers excellent thermal insulation, thanks to a discrete reinforcement profile that provides strength without adding bulk. This combination of features makes our bifold door system a versatile and attractive choice for any home.

The slim Ecoline bifold doors feature a thermally broken aluminium profile of 99mm. With ultra-slim sightlines, your views are virtually uninterrupted when the doors are closed, allowing an abundance of natural light throughout the home.

The slim sight line of our Ecoline bifold doors is not just for aesthetic appeal, it’s also for functionality. It allows more natural light to enter the space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. This is made possible by the bionicTURTLE®, a multi-functional break profile that combines various technical details. It keeps the profiles slim, accommodates large and heavy panels, houses the locking mechanism, and ensures perfect insulation, all while maintaining the sleek look of the doors.

The Ecoline bifold doors are a more bespoke solution for bifolding doors. They offer ultra-slim 99mm sightlines and a 104mm glass-to-glass measurement.

The meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures the durability, functionality, and energy efficiency that have set Solarlux bifold doors apart from others in the glazing industry. This level of precision engineering has been instrumental in establishing Solarlux as a leader in the bi-folding door market.

The Ecoline bifold door system can achieve a low u-value of 1.1 W/m²K, offering one of the lowest available u-values for a bi-folding door. The powder-coated aluminium framing provides minimal maintenance.

Ecoline has won numerous design awards, and it’s not just about looks. It’s also about security. All products are certified to PAS 24:2016 standards, which is a rigorous test for security performance. It’s also accredited by Secured by Design (SBD), the official UK police security initiative. This means that our doors are designed to increase the security of buildings and their surroundings, creating safe places for people to live, work, shop, and visit. At Solarlux, we don’t compromise on quality or safety.

The stunning end result includes a floor-to-ceiling bifold door system that offers uninterrupted views of the garden and high levels of security. When open, the doors stack externally, creating a seamless opening onto the tiled patio area.

The anthracite grey pleated blinds offer complete privacy as well as thermal and sound insulation.

The dark grey metallic bifold doors help to regulate the temperature in the pool room and are low-maintenance.

The metallic grey bifold doors have a high-quality stainless steel lever handle and a multi-point lock on the exterior, and a flat handle provides a sleek and stylish finish on the inside.

The slim frames allow maximum natural light to flow into the indoor swimming pool, creating a light and bright interior that naturally warms the area, making it more energy-efficient.

The Windsor homeowners are incredibly pleased with their glazing products and advised:

We were extremely happy with the sales service from Ray, who went above and beyond to help us make our decisions and gave as a huge amount of his time. The installation of the windows and doors was professional and quick and we were very happy with every aspect of it.

The Windsor homeowners were not just satisfied, but delighted with our products and services. They praised Ray’s exceptional sales service, his dedication to helping them make informed decisions, and the professional and efficient installation of the windows and doors. Their satisfaction is a testament to the quality and reliability of our Solarlux Ecoline bifold doors and double glazed windows.

Discover Solarlux’s exceptional range of premium aluminium bi-fold door systems in various stylish RAL colours. Elevate your living space with quality and elegance. Each system provides high security with a high-tech locking system certified by Secured by Design (SBD).

With our Ecoline Bifold doors, you can say goodbye to energy waste and hello to a more sustainable, comfortable living environment.

Solarlux bi-folding doors have genuinely earned their reputation as the epitome of excellence in the glazing industry, and precision engineering is the foundation upon which this superb reputation is built.

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