24th September 2019

Architectural 3D Visualisation Service for Home Improvements

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Our in-house architectural  3D visualisation service is a unique, one-of-a-kind visualisation software within the double-glazing window industry.

Thames Valley Window company identified a need to provide a quality visualisation design service to residential customers for home improvements. We have been creating and offering this architectural 3D visualisation service for over 20 years, and it has evolved from traditional paper, pens and watercolours to a 3d visual that it is today.

Every one of our Conservatories, Orangeries and Wintergardens are bespoke and custom made. We have our own in-house architectural  3D visualisation service to ensure we achieve the best personal solution for our customers. Since being established in 1985, Thames Valley Window Company has been design-driven with an excellent reputation for professionalism and creativity.

See How Visualisation Can Help

Our interior and exterior 3D visualisation service can bring sketched architectural planning and building regulation drawings to life with high-quality photo-real visuals that can help customers visualise their ideas and projects

Your Home in 3D

We will conduct an initial survey of your property or the area in question which will benefit from new windows, doors or glass extension. Using this data, as well as photographic evidence, our design team will then carefully analyse which glazing will work best for you and your home.

We provide you with a full-colour, photorealistic 3D 1:50 scaled elevation plans where we have tweaked the window and door proportions, cladding, rendering, brickwork, etc. to help you visualise and explore the various options.

Architectural 3D Visualisation Service

For home extensions our 3D visuals show each floor plan and space more clearly, giving you confidence that the design will work before making the final decision

For new builds, and extensions 3D architectural visualisation is easier to understand than a sketched plan.


Architectural 3D Visualisation ServiceArchitectural 3D Visualisation Service


Our visuals help you visualise your home first-hand.  We produce a range of images from all angles, internally and externally to inform your choices.

This architectural  3D visualisation service ensures that the style and proportions of your recommended product(s) are exactly right for your property and will maximise your most important investment.

If you want to consider options, we produce alternative layouts for you to compare side by side before choosing your favourite



Architectural 3D Visualisation ServiceArchitectural 3D Visualisation Service.

We create interior design representations of furniture and colours so that you can start to visualise and get a feel for how they will work in your space.

Above is our representation of our customer’s conservatory, complete with wall colours and wooden flooring before the project started – and shown below is the finished conservatory.



Our 3D architectural visualisation is near accurate to reality, helping our customers to make decisions on materials, colours and finishes.


There is no better way to plan than to use 3D visualisation. Short of actually seeing the finished project, this will be your best chance at seeing how everything comes together! It will give you ample opportunity to change your mind, and to switch different window styles and know that the decision you make, is the right one.

We feel that our architectural 3D design service provides customers with added confidence when it comes to narrowing down choice, and when it comes to making that final judgement call. There should be no fear of the Conservatory, Orangery or Wintergarden you choose to be unsuitable!


The added accuracy involved in this process is what makes it so popular. Our designers and installers will be able to work closely to a detailed visual floor plan.  3D visualisation is infinitely more reliable than a 2D plan. As part of our dedication to customer care, we want to make sure that you feel confident about making choices which are right for you. Therefore, allow us to put your mind at ease.

We are the only double-glazing window company in the UK currently using 3D architectural visualisation system to create the most advanced design plans. This means that we can be relied on for greater accuracy in window design and installation. It also means that you’ll have more choice when it comes to choosing the best glazing solution for you and your home.


Architectural  3D visualisation service has proven to be very valuable for our customers.  No other double-glazing company invests the time that we do into our initial consultations and proposals.

If you are interested in this service, talk to your designer about our fantastic visualisation offers.


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