7th June 2023

Biophilic Design Benefits of Glass Extensions

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Single Storey Bungalow Extension, Glass Wintergarden with an SDL Akzent plus Reverse Pitch Roof, Camberley.


Are you keen to add extra living space to your property but would like to include the positive impacts of the natural world? If so, a modern glass extension with a biophilic design is a great idea. Not only does a glass room extension provide a safe and enclosed space, but they also allow you to see nature at work all year round. The combination of nature and interior space is called biophilic design, and it comes with several benefits that we have shared with you below in our latest blog post.

Frank Lloyd Wright, a renowned architect who is mostly known for the modern Prairie style homes he designed with long low windows that were influences of The Great Plains between 1900 and 1920 to bring the outside in

“The mission of an architect is to help people understand how to make life more beautiful, the world a better one for living in, and to give reason, rhyme, and meaning to life.” – FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, 1957

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is a relaxing design that works hard to connect you and your property to nature and a natural environment. It achieves this aim through colour choices, material choices, furniture placement and patterns that all have some link to the natural environment.

Biophilic design has become increasingly popular within the modern home. Using biophilic design positively impacts indoor spaces and helps improve well-being, mental health, work performance and productivity inside the home or work environments.

The Key Biophilic design benefits of Glass Extensions

Are you keen to know precisely what biophilic design benefits come from choosing a glass extension? We’ve shared some of the natural element highlights for you to check out now:

  • Access to Natural Light – spending time in natural light is an excellent way of getting your daily dose of vitamin D and allows you to enjoy work and play without needing to switch on the lights.
  • Temperature Control – glass extensions are built onto your existing property, which means you can control the temperature inside using your heating or cooling systems. This means you can bring nature into your living space all year round.
  • Enclosed Space – as a glass extension, is surrounded by windows and doors that you can choose to open or not. You can use the space for an indirect experience of nature, no matter the weather.
  • Sense of Serenity – one of the most extraordinary benefits of biophilic design is that you can enjoy the serenity of being outside and exposure to nature from the comfort of your home. This means enjoying the calm and peace that comes with being in nature, helping you to reduce your stress levels and enjoy a more peaceful existence.
  • Simple Design – if you struggle to pick out interior design choices, glass extensions are perfect because they do the work for you. This means using nature as your design background and taking biophilic inspiration, such as a green wall feature, including natural materials and colours that complement your outside space.

If you are struggling to maintain the links you need to nature or want to create a space that shows your love and respect for the outside, choosing a glass extension will ensure that your biophilic design dreams come true.

 Choosing the Best Glass Extension for Biophilic Design Benefits

Suppose you are keen to invest in a glass extension that will work hard to help you enjoy the maximum biophilic design benefits. In that case, choosing an option with the most significant glass ratio possible is wise. By installing a transparent glass structure, you can look forward to uninterrupted views of the outdoors that can then be mirrored in your interior design choice.

Take your time to look at all the available building designs and options and find a solution sympathetic to your property design and personal needs. Then, take the time to pick out furniture and accessories that work well with your nature biophilic design and look forward to human nature connectivity and enjoying the natural environment from the comfort of your property!


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