31st January 2019

BLOG: Window and Door Trends for 2019

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Posted by: Leanne

Here at Thames Valley Windows, it’s our commitment to inform our customers of the best windows and doors for their homes. As we embark on another year, we are aware of the diversity in choices available on the market and the preference for ensuring we are making our homes more energy efficient.

Timber Effect Black Double Glazing, Bracknell, Berkshire

So, what’s trending for 2019?

As homeowners, we continue to seek out simplicity, efficiency and beauty throughout our homes. Windows and doors are no exception.

It’s no secret that we are veering more toward the modern and contemporary in our style choices. Beyond looks, homeowners expect high performance in the form of efficiency, functionality and durability.

We are opting for windows and doors with clean lines and lots of glass. Aluminium and steel-framed windows with defined edges and crisp lines will be big this year. As the market evolves, larger windows are becoming more accessible to buyers, and as ever, we’re seeing a focus on lots of glass, making it easier to combine outdoor and indoor living.

More and more homeowners are choosing their new windows and doors with a colour finish. Grey has become the new white in recent years! Alternatively, black finishes are becoming more and more trendy.

Dark brown windows frames are also attractive and allow you to embrace the look of dark windows without jumping on the black finish bandwagon. Brown is also a great choice for homes made of brick, stone or raw wood siding, since they blend more easily with these natural materials.

Whether you are considering a casement or flush style, uPVC, timber-alternative or timber windows and doors, there is range of colour options on the interior and exterior of the windows and doors available on the market.

To make the trend work for your home, consider its age. If you live in a historic building, opt for divided lights with black mullions to blend with the overall look of your home. If you live in a modern style house, wide expanses of glass with Anthracite grey frames will look chic, especially in contrast to an all-white interior.

Now more than ever, homeowners are aware of the impact their choices have on the environment, and how the outside environment can influence their homes. Energy efficient windows used to be an added bonus, but these days, they’re non-negotiable for homeowners.

In a place with bitterly cold winters, upgrading leaky windows and doors to more energy efficient styles can save lots of money over the long run as you enjoy savings on your utility bills.

As a homeowner you may not want to commit fully to a trendy look. But there is certainly inspiration to be found in these upcoming style choices! Whether you are inspired to fully revamp your home with new replacement windows and doors, 3D illustration can help you achieve your aspirations when improving your home this year.

Our showroom in Bracknell, Berkshire showcases our ‘Essential’ PVC range to our ‘State of the Art’ Passivhaus products, with Aluminium options and our new dedicated Timber Showroom, there’s something for everyone!


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