14th January 2019

What is Accoya Timber?

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Posted by: Leanne

What is Accoya Timber?

Well, actually, Accoya isn’t a timber as such. There is no Accoya tree in the same way there is an Oak tree or a Pine tree. Accoya is the name given to the process that is applied to timber.

So how did this process come about?

Well, after the First World War, the New Zealanders started growing Radiata Pine (or Pinus Radiata if you’d prefer its scientific name) – and a lot of it. It is a very fast-growing timber which was destined for the construction industry. However, when they started harvesting the timber, they discovered that the insects loved it and it rots. Not very useful. It took them some 80 years, but they developed a process which converted regular wood in to the Incredible Hulk of wood! The process uses acetate and changes the woods chemical structure. The result is wood that does not absorb moisture to above 25% moisture content (OK except in extreme circumstances, in the ground or a water butt) and as we know from our previous blog, if wood stays below 25% moisture content, it therefore doesn’t get wet enough for the fungi to attack it and, because it won’t change its moisture content, it is extremely stable.

Accoya is environmentally friendly, it’s a ‘plantation timber’ FSC certified, the process adds no chemicals to the timber that don’t already exist naturally within it and it is non-toxic. It also offers a 50-year guarantee.

Accoya is perfect for windows and doors on properties that are exposed to the elements, such as on a hill top or near the coast.

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