Low Cost Windows in Basingstoke

Location: Basingstoke

When our clients bought this property, they realised quickly that its double-glazed windows needed replacing. There were scratches on the double glazing and in several units, it had blown and was, therefore, neither secure nor efficient. They were worried whether they would be able to find suitable low-cost double-glazed windows in Basingstoke. Still, when they came to Thames Valley Windows, they discovered that they could get affordable new windows without compromising on style.

We installed new Rustique-style uPVC double glazed windows featuring a white woodgrain finish on both the interior and exterior. These windows feature a rebated or lipped sash as well as traditional ovolo detailing, and the client’s selected trickle vents to allow for ventilation together with white window handles.

After the installation was complete, the property looked fantastic. We supplied and installed low-cost windows in Basingstoke that were within our clients’ budget and which improved the property’s aesthetics, security and thermal efficiency.

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