3rd February 2017

Blog: uPVC Window Design

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Posted by: Carly

The double glazing industry has earned itself a bit of a mixed reputation – and rightly so! Many homes have been visually destroyed in the name of better thermal performance – and a salesman’s commission!

Due to the nature of double glazing sales, and the fact that most homeowners didn’t appreciate the potential return on investment, we’ve ended up with thousands of homes across the UK having poorly designed, low quality and ill-fitting windows. The lower the price, the easier the sale, and many a poor design has been missed by the pull of a cheaper quotation. This combination of bad design and low quality meant that the discerning homeowner was fairly limited for choice.

The less that goes in to a window design, the cheaper the end result. Less is more, so they say, but this is not always the case when it comes to windows and doors. A simple design can be the most effective but in many instances, this can lead to ill proportioned windows with no balance or character, detrimental to a classic looking property and a modern home alike. We, as consumers, homeowners and property investors, expect more from our windows and doors these days.

As the demand for more houses continues to increase, so does the number of architects. What was once a very select skill 100 years ago, now sees thousands of architects in the industry, meaning the skill sets are more diverse and therefore the design of new builds and renovations is no longer reliable.

Architecture and building design has been fairly consistent for hundreds of years. The 1960s and 70s had a bit of a mind of their own and more recently, there has been a shift to large contemporary glazing, but proportions and balance have always been key when it comes to window design.

Windows and doors have been in our homes for over 1000 years. Even after all this time, the basic concepts of what works and what doesn’t, have remained the same. Back then, I’d say we had a better idea of design and style than we do now! This is largely due to the fact that there were almost no replacement windows prior to 1960, with most homeowners choosing to maintain their existing windows and therefore the character of their home. These windows were designed by an architect who had the overall building and period in mind.

With the high quality of manufacturing, range of frame shapes and colours and furniture options now available, replacing your windows is an exciting proposition. There’s so much choice that it is essential not to be rushed into a decision. You should take your time to explore the many options. Find a company that can offer a full design service, with photographic quality 3D visuals, to ensure your new uPVC windows enhance the value and style of your home and you achieve the wow factor that the latest breed of uPVC windows are capable of delivering!

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