Shaped Double Glazing Windows and Bi-fold Doors in Worthing

Location: Worthing

The client and owner of this brand-new property in the Worthing area was looking to find windows and doors that would complement the contemporary aesthetics of the property. They were also looking for options that would provide the necessary level of protection against the elements, as the home stands near the sea.

After much consideration, the client was convinced that the best options would be the Internorm tilt and lift studio windows/HF310, the Internorm HF310 Parallel sliding doors and the Solarlux SL60e vi-fold doors.

The windows benefited from being triple-glazed to provide the necessary protection the client was after, while the anthracite grey colouring on the outside and the clean white on the inside, provided them with the aesthetic value they were looking for.

For the doors, the Solarlux SL60e bi-folding doors were the perfect choice for the rear and front elevations, with the HF310 parallel doors being installed in the front bedrooms. This provided the home with a superior amount of light and allowed the owners to enjoy the stunning views of the English coast from the comfort of their own home.

For a final touch to the whole property we installed a large and expansive feature Shaped Double Glazing Windows, West Sussex just above the stairway that meant even more natural light could flood into the home.

Products used:

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