25th February 2016

Blog: Why choose Internorm windows and doors?

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Internorm combines high-quality materials with the perfect operation and provides a highlight of trendsetting designs. The beauty of this allows you to find ideal solutions for your windows and doors that will match your lifestyle and way of living perfectly. Learn more about Internorm Windows and Doors.


Internorm is not just another window manufacture. Their products are designed to be industry leaders and their windows will help give the feel of quality to your home. These details include the gaskets as standard to prevent water and sound penetration, concealed hardware, symmetrical join lines, and black gaskets between the panes to make the finished look clean and tidy.


Internorm has the perfect window for every building style and every room. Would you rather have a uPVC/aluminium window in the bathroom, but not want to miss a timber/aluminium window in the living room? Internorm can offer the perfect solution.

We can create different windows, using different materials, in order to perfectly match the environment in which it will operate while keeping the window design and therefore the exterior design of the house the same.


Internorm has made a name for itself since the beginning, more than 80 years ago, with its consistent quality mentality and innovations power. Their well-engineered window and entrance door solutions send a clear signal: quality.

Every day, highly qualified Internorm employees endeavour to keep their quality promise for the future. The many tests and exact documentations of their product quality go without saying and their modern and fully equipped in-house test centre examine all components to ensure their high standards are met. Internorm implements tensile tests, driving rain tightness, differential climate performance, air permeability, and irradiation tests as standard. Thus, their technicians are laying the cornerstone for producing high quality windows and entrance doors according to requirements.

Their quality assurance system is established and certified according to the international standard ENISO 9001:2008 and their production and product control is built upon the basics of modern processing controls. These extensive qualification tests from the smallest building component to the finished window, guarantee highest quality assurance for Internorm products – and for Thames Valley Windows customers.

Thames Valley Windows and Internorm share this passion for quality and as a result, the demand for quality does not end once their products leave the factory. It continues right through until installation and aftercare. Only when our customers receive their order on time and is satisfied, are we satisfied.

INTERNORM & Thames Valley Windows

We are a specialist dealer for Internorm. To date we have completed a number of large new build and renovation projects and our focus toward this area of the market leaves us perfectly placed to understand the requirements of delivering such a product. We have a number of significant domestic projects coming up this year as well as our usual ongoing work so please keep an eye on our recent Internorm projects for additional inspiration.

We have a beautiful, well-equipped showroom displaying aluminium/timber studio and home window ranges as well as the bespoke HS330 aluminium/timber contemporary lift and slide door. We also have a superb example of a contemporary front door in the aluminium/timber home pure range.


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