Double Glazing in Datchet

Location: Datchet

Returning customers to Thames Valley Windows, it had been 26 years since these clients purchased a brand-new conservatory from us! When deciding it was time for their current windows to be replaced with uPVC double glazing, their first point of call was us to transform the wonderful detached Georgian home, located in the village of Datchet. With condensation, heat retention and sound proofing being a problem with their current timber framed single glazed windows, the clients wanted something new, but that still kept a similar design so as not to detract from the period character of the charming property.

The clients chose timber alternative Evolution Storm 2 windows after having paid a visit to our showroom and viewed the extensive array of windows available. An excellent choice, the window looks very similar to classic timber options, now approved by conservation sites as an alternative choice to traditional timber frames. There is very little maintenance with the windows and they add security to a property whist still offering a high-quality appeal. A popular uPVC double glazing, Datchet choice, they provide much more energy efficiency than single glazing and additionally are soundproof against nearby roads.

The traditional look of black frames along with casements in white was suggested by our uPVC double glazing, Datchet designer, the clients agreed it complemented the style of their property with slimmer looking frames.

The choice of using timber alternative Evolution Storm 2 double glazing windows has worked well with the Datchet property, fitting in sympathetically and ensuring the authentic nature of the property is kept intact.

Overall, our client was extremely happy with their newly designed uPVC double glazing windows. They loved the detailing in the wood and the style of the joints which were hand-crafted. In comparison to the old windows, they thought the new ones looked significantly better- and we agree!

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