15th November 2019

Brown Windows? – What’s the Best Front Door Colour to Choose

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Do you have brown wooden windows or rosewood uPVC windows and looking for a new front door for your property in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire? Brown doubled glazed windows are both classic and timeless they create an impression of grandeur on the exterior of a property while adding warmth on the inside.

It is also important to remember some colours and finishes will look different on a composite front door then a wooden front door.

Therefore, what is the best residential door colour to choose? Here are our top six front door colours for combining with brown windows in your property.

Brown Windows
Pirnar Black/Brown front door installed in Southampton

Black Doors

The colour black never goes out of fashion and is one of the most popular front door colours, with the most famous black entrance door being No.10 Downing street. Making a black front door a traditional and luxurious entrance, particularly when combined with warm brown aluminium windows.

A black door and brown window combination is likely to create a striking, impressionable style, one which will undoubtedly help your property create not only a comfortable atmosphere but also an inviting look.

White Doors

A crisp white uPVC door and brown uPVC windows is a simple and clean contrasting combination. Creating a very traditional and welcoming entrance to your property. The two colours create a unique charming aesthetics to a property. Dark brown shades complement beautiful, bright whiteness no matter the style of the windows and doors.

grey front door and brown windows
Brown windows and olive-grey entrance door we installed in a pretty cottage in Burghfield, near Reading

Grey Doors

A grey coloured front door and brown window frames are one of the best colour combinations you can choose for your property. A pebble grey or olive-grey front door is trendy right now – contemporary, subtle and trendy. They say opposites attract! Which is correct with this colour combination, while grey is cool, brown, brings more warmth.

With both colours belonging to a neutral category, combining these two gorgeous colours in your property will create that feel-good factor to your home.

Green Doors

Green and brown may sound boring, but a green front door and brown framed windows are popular colours for homes as they complement each other perfectly. Both green and brown are colours of nature. While brown is earthy, green is the grass and plants, this colour combination is adding a reminiscent of nature and all its beauty to your home. These two colours create a peaceful, relaxing and comfortable look which is welcoming at the same time. 

Blue Doors

Brown and blue are a perfect combination to create a sense of stability and calm to your property. The cool tones in a blue door will harmonise perfectly with the deep warmth of brown wood grain windows. Fresh, contemporary and hugely versatile this duo blends well within a variety of properties.

Pirnar Oak colour front door and Rosewood uPVC windows
Pirnar oak colour front door and rosewood uPVC windows installed in Finchampstead

Natural Oak Colour Doors

Woods tones work naturally together they create a warm welcome to your property. The natural tones in an oak door will blend perfectly with the sleek brown windows creating an earthy country scheme. A contemporary colour scheme, with a rustic vibe that combines traditional and modern entrance to your property. 

Have any of the colour combination inspired you? Thames Valley Window Company design, supply and install doors and windows made from uPVC, aluminium, timber, and timber-alternative in Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire. Hampshire and beyond. Our manufacturing process allows us the flexibility to colour match your brown windows. Contact us today and let us put your vision into reality.


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