24th April 2023

Guide to Integral Blinds for Bifold Doors

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Integral blinds for bifold doors

Benefits Of Integral Blinds for Bifold Doors

Integral blinds for bifold doors, as they offer several great benefits, including keeping your bifold door system looking sleek and stylish. Read our handy guide to learn everything you need about these integral blinds and how to choose the right ones for your windows and doors.

What Are Integral Blinds for Bifold Doors?

Integral blinds for bifold doors are pleated or Venetian blind that is fitted in between the two panes of glass sealed unit within the panel. They are sealed inside the double-glazed units and can be opened and closed via a remote that comes with the doors. Like double-glazed windows, the panes of glass on bifold doors are hermetically sealed with a special gas to ensure no moisture gets into the void.

Integrated blinds offer shading to help to keep heat and sunlight out in the summer while also helping to reduce solar gain.

However, unlike double-glazed windows, bifold doors with blinds also have the blinds and the mechanisms installed inside the void, keeping them from becoming dusty, dirty, or getting in your way when you open and close the doors.

How Do I Choose Integral Blinds for Bifold Doors?

If you are considering integral blinds for bifold doors, there are several key considerations that you will first need to consider to give you peace of mind:

  • Whether You Want Access to Your Blinds – as the blinds are sealed inside the glazing, you will not be able to touch the blinds directly, meaning you will not be able to access them like you would with other types of blinds. This has several excellent benefits and makes your doors look tidier and work more quietly than when you choose other coverings like curtains.
  • How Much You Are Happy to Spend – integral blinds for bifold doors come at different prices, but you will need to consider how much you can spend if you are keen to get the most reliable and durable solution. Choosing the cheapest option often means paying for repairs and replacements sooner than you would want.
  • The Colour and Style You Want – when investing in integral blinds for bi-folding doors, you will need to think about choosing a colour and style that will work with a range of interior designs so that you can change your property without having to replace your doors. It’s worth remembering that most people choose a blind colour that matches the door colour.

How to Fit Integral Blinds for Bifold Doors

The great thing about integral blinds for aluminium bifold doors is that you don’t need to fit them yourself, as this will be done before being installed at your property. Bifold door blinds are inserted into the door frame during manufacturing, tested to ensure they work, and then enclosed in glazing before being shipped and put into your property.

Suppose you choose to have electric bi-fold doors or ones operated via solar power. In that case, your installation will include a specialist who will wire everything up and ensure it works properly before signing off. If your blinds are manually operated by a control next to the door, the team will fit them and check they work before showing you how to use them properly.

The Benefits of Integral Blinds for Bifold Doors

Still, trying to figure it out? Take a look at our top three benefits of integral blinds for bifold doors below:

  • They Last as Long as Your Windows – as the blinds are sealed inside your doors, they will last as long as you have the doors installed, making them a cost-effective and simple solution that will withstand the test of time.
  • They Are Maintenance Free – as the blinds are inside the glass unit, they will not pick up the dirt and grime often associated with interior blinds. They will never need to be cleaned, making it easier for you to keep a clean home without spending hours trying to get every inch cleaned effectively.

There is also the option for an SV system where the blinds are treated with Sanitized® patented antibacterial finish to offer long-lasting protection, and an external magnetic slider operates them.

  • They Are Safe and Child-Friendly – many people trip and fall over blind cords, especially when the doors are open. There is also no risk of children trapping their fingers. When you choose integral blinds for bifold doors, you will never need to worry about the potential risk of injury or damage. You can also always look forward to higher levels of privacy and security.
  • They Keep Your Home Warmer – finding new energy-efficient solutions is always important, and integral blinds help to keep your home warm. This means better temperature regulation all year round and lower heating bills too!

With so many great benefits, there’s no doubt that integral blinds for bifold doors are a popular solution for windows and doors.

With so many options, we recommend visiting our Bracknell showroom to view the range of blinds we offer for our window and door systems.


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