4th May 2022

Reduce Energy Bills for Period Properties with Traditional Sliding Sash Windows

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Traditional Sash Windows

We are thrilled that the double glazed traditional sliding sash windows that we installed into a period property in Headington are featured in the latest issue of Your Home Magazine. A popular publication for homeowners working on a home renovation or interior designers and architects looking for inspiration for a project.

Traditional Sliding Sash Windows
Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows have been an architectural feature in Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian properties since the 18th century and are still a popular choice today for home refurbishments and new builds.

The article on ‘New Window and Doors’ is an excellent feature that highlights the best style of timber windows for modern and period properties and whether to choose triple or double glazed windows for the best energy efficiency. Modern double glazed traditional sliding sash windows and doors offer outstanding insulation. They will keep drafts at bay so that homeowners can benefit from homes filled with natural light, soundproofing and reduced energy bills.

The timber windows online feature is also filled with critical things to consider when replacing timber window frames in conservation areas and who to contact at your local planning authority.
From what style of timber window designs are available, timber casement windows, vertical sliding sash windows and tilt box sash windows to the range of colours and wood grain finishes.



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