13th July 2020

Six Types of Conservatory Roofs to Consider

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When looking to extending your home or add extra living space with a bespoke conservatory or modern contemporary orangery, you will need to consider which conservatory roof is the best option. Or maybe it is time for replacing your polycarbonate roof. With innovation in glass technology, there is a diverse range of roof styles to choose from.

Then you will need to decide what type of modern energy-efficient glass is likely to offer you an abundance of light and gorgeous views with the best aesthetic for your property?

While argon gas filled double glazed units add another layer of thermal efficiency. You can even choose to have a triple glazed roof to ensure that both sound and thermal insulation are at their highest performance.

With solar glass only the right amount of energy from the sun will enter so your room won’t overheat, and your warmth won’t escape.

Roof vents are still a good option to aid in ventilation in a glass roof.

Consider the option of Self-cleaning glass; it has a brilliant coating that needs minimal maintenance it has been designed to keep the glass free from dirt and grime.

Depending on the conservatory design, the roof is a stunning feature that is the epitome of an ultra-modern conservatory

Here are six main types of conservatory roofs which you might want to consider. We look at what’s best for your conservatory project.

Conservatory Roof

Lean-To Styles

A lean-to conservatory roof is a prefered choice for bungalows, from an aesthetical perspective. It is lower in height that other conservatory roofs, which is why many bungalow homeowners choose this design. The shape of the roof gives the style its name. The roof, at its highest point, rests against the property, making it appear the roof is leaning directly on the house though you can customise the pitch as you see fit.

Lean-to conservatory roofs tend to be a basic square or rectangle shape with a single-sloped roof the two characteristics that it is known for, but they are great at increasing the amount of natural light into your home.

conservatory roof

Gable Roof Styles

Gable conservatory roofs are characterised by a high vaulted roof and an upright triangular-shaped front panel and tend to work well with period properties.

These roofs are renowned for their elegant structure and tend to be relatively high in terms of pitch and elevation. They are creating that real grand statement and enhancement to your property. The vertical system and symmetrical design allow for maximum light and space utilisation.

conservatory roof

Victorian Roof Styles

A Victorian-style conservatory roof is one which is likely to appeal to those looking for opulent and classical styles. These roofs tend to be very ornate and were inspired by traditional gothic architecture. As the name suggests, this style of steeply pitched roof tends to be an accurate replica of the Victorian era design, characterised by period-style architectural design elements such as ornate roof crestings and elegant finials a popular decorative feature of the times

Modern Victorian roof styles combine the aesthetic benefits of the era with advanced energy-efficient technologies and exceptional thermal insulating quality to capture the warmth and richness of its architectural past,

The period style conservatory roof best complements traditional properties but can also enhance both modern and more contemporary homes.

Flexibility is one of the key features of the Victorian roof. You can decide on the pitch height and configuration to maximise the shape. You can choose between a glass or solid roof depending on the aesthetics you want to achieve for your home and your preference.

Edwardian Styles

Once again, this style of conservatory roof takes a leaf out of the history books. These roofing systems can be similar to Victorian conservatory roofs; however, they tend to be better fitted for smaller or simpler conservatory spaces.

Edwardian conservatory roofing is pitched and usually made up of 3 sections sloping upwards and tend to be very appealing to those looking for modern aesthetics.

What’s more, much like a Victorian conservatory, these roofs will maximise the interplay of light and space within your conservatory.

However, do take the time to take a look at the main differences between Edwardian and Victorian conservatory roofs. There are more than a few slight touches and differences, and we will be more than happy to help you make a decision that fits your needs.

Solid Roofing

Yes – it’s possible to set up a conservatory with a tiled or warm roof. And why not? While a tiled conservatory roof may not let light in through the top, this style of conservatory roofing tends to be the right choice if you are set on blending the look of your extension in with your home

You can, of course, also customise your solid roofing with skylights and glass panels if you want to maximise light travelling through.

Of course, a fantastic glass conservatory roof creates the optimum design statement. However, some people prefer to harmonise the visual appearance.

Loggia Styles

Last but not least, a Loggia conservatory roof is one which has a modern, European slant. The name indicates that it takes inspiration from Italian standards. These roofs tend to be a 4-sided hipped design similar in style to a roof lantern

A Loggia roof is also likely to be an eco-friendly and energy-efficient choice to replace the roof.

conservatory roof

Which Style is Best For You?

Finding the perfect conservatory roof style for your home improvement project is a significant investment.

Here at Thames Valley Windows, our design team offer exceptional service, excellent attention to detail, in-depth knowledge, and practical experience of double glazing windows and doors this means that replacing your conservatory roof or orangery ideas are in safe in our hands.

We are here to make your life easier; our team listen to what you want to achieve and treat your home with respect. We are passionate about delivering outstanding customer services and glazing installations that enable our customers to live their dream lifestyle in their home.


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