Contemporary Aluminium Windows & Air Lift & Slide Door, Hook

Location: Hook

This lovely family home in Hook has been rejuvenated with Contemporary Aluminium Windows & an Air Lift & Slide Door. The original windows didn’t look their best, and were no longer energy efficient or secure.

The replacement aluminium windows on the extension at the back of the property are the Eco 50 range, offering a black exterior finish and a neutral white finish on the interior to complement the decor of this home in Hook. We also installed an Air Lift & Slide Door to our client’s home to ensure consistency to the extension.

As part of our design consultation with the owners, we recommended that the Aluminium material for the extension at this home. Our clients expressed an interest in changing the other windows to their home at a later date and so we suggested Aluminium at this time, in view of the later change they anticipate.

Whether you’re renovating, extending an existing property for a more modern appearance, or building a new home, our Contemporary Aluminium Windows system in Hook is the perfect solution.

These contemporary aluminium windows in Hook offer a fixed sight line of as little as 47mm, and our casement-to-casement dimension is one of the narrowest on the market at just 112mm! With low ‘e’ double glazing the window offers an overall u-value of 1.6w/m²k, in line with building regulation requirements.

These high-quality Contemporary Aluminium Windows in Hook are a charming addition to any home.

As homeowners, we continue to seek out simplicity, efficiency and beauty throughout our homes. It’s no secret that we are veering more toward the modern and contemporary in our style choices. Beyond looks, we expect high performance in the form of efficiency, functionality and durability.

Thames Valley Window Company can also provide you with various design solutions and our architectural designers are always happy to help.


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