Double Glazing Doors in Bampton

Location: Bampton

The owner of a beautiful home in Bampton was looking to give the property the look and feel of the house he grew up in. He wanted to do this by having double glazing doors with a lift and slide action installed while he was carrying out work on a new extension for the property. To get ideas for the design and expert advice, he looked to our team here at Thames Valley Windows.

After much thought and consideration, he decided on the air lift and slide doors in Anthracite Grey that we supply. These are perfect because they offer a superior amount of security, flexibility and overall quality. After working alongside our team of designers, we understood his desire to achieve a greater feeling of space and to benefit from an improved view of his garden, whether the windows were opened or closed.

The colour and style of the aluminium door frames of these double-glazing doors in Bampton complemented the style of the property, its roof and the landscape that surrounded it. This helped to get that enhanced and expanded sense of light and space.

Our client picked out the narrower sight line because it had slimmer lines and a more aesthetically-pleasing look overall. Thanks to the double-glazing in the doors, the property is more secure and warmer than it ever was.

After the work was completed, our client was very pleased with the results and his new air lift and slide doors. He said that he thought the transformation was great and that the impact the new double-glazing doors have had on his daily life is amazing. They not only create more space, but a greater connection between the outside world and his garden with the living space indoors. He was happy he chose Thames Valley Windows and stated that he went with us because of the variety of double-glazing doors options we offered in Bampton and that our designer was effective at listening to what he wanted and getting the results he wanted.

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