Double Glazing, Oxfordshire

Location: Oxfordshire

Our clients recently acquired a beautiful family home in Oxfordshire, and while it maintained a period quality that withstood the test of time, the owners were hoping to both sympathetically update the look and reduce their monthly bills by installing triple glazed windows. The house is in an exposed location in the Oxfordshire countryside and is guaranteed fierce winds in the winter. So fierce in fact that even when the old single glazed windows were closed and locked the drafts could still move the curtains inside!

In order to preserve the original feel of the property, our client chose Internorm windows. These windows combine a pleasant blend of classic and contemporary. Our clients felt that the lovely rounded frames of the Home Soft range which create a gentle, soft look, as opposed to stark angles. They were even more pleased to learn that cleaning rounded corner windows was quick as running a cloth along the bars, as there are no nooks and crannies where dirt can gather.

Instead of the original sliding sash made of maintenance-intensive timber, our clients switched over to the popular tilt and turn design windows. In this way, the hinges on the window can take full advantage of the larger openings. The whole look is completed with a simple but gorgeous Georgian border, resulting in a clean window that gives a nod to the property’s traditional features alongside the convenience of modern windows.

Finally, the KS 430 uPVC/aluminium lift and slide doors, which feature impressively low U-values, were installed to offer sweeping views of the garden. As can be seen in the photo gallery, these windows give the whole home a face lift.

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