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Double Glazing Windows in Bath

Location: Bath

The above is an outstanding new build located in the idyllic English town of Bath. It has been designed and built with high performance and high quality at the forefront of the architect, the owners and builders minds.

Although you would not have guessed it, but the property has had quite an interesting history leading up to the stage it is at now. Originally, the owners were looking to build an extension onto the house, but as it is situated in a conservation area, they were not given the necessary permission to go ahead with their plans. As a result, they decided to pull it completely down and that is why the new and improved, contemporary-styled property was built in its place.

It was the owner’s brother, who along with the skilled and renowned team of architects at CaSA, who worked on the property until it was completed. As the owners wanted to get the benefit of the local vistas available of the beautiful city and countryside landscapes that Bath is famous for at either end of the property, CaSA got in contact with the Managing Director at our Thames Valley Windows showroom, Ryan Schofield.

Schofield assisted with the project, designing and managing it from start to completion. For the windows, the client, along with our input and the qualified advice of their architect, chose the Internorm tilt and turn windows with triple-glazing. So that the property had the desired thermal performance, 48mm glazing was decided to be the best option.

With their stylish square-edge white frames on the interior and the anthracite grey finish on the exterior, they worked perfectly with the finished home.

Thanks to the full height windows in the bedrooms, plenty of natural light can flow into the property, while those much-desired vistas of the local countryside is possible.

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