Evolution Timber Alternative Windows, Sunningdale, Berkshire

Location: Sunningdale, Berkshire

This impressive, large property in Sunningdale had plain white double glazed timber windows installed by the developers 15 years ago. They were beginning to show signs of wear and tear and become draughty. They wanted to replace the windows and add 3 sets of new patio doors at the rear of the property.

Thames Valley Windows provided a couple of design options to try and give the property a little more substance. This helped our client visualise what their home would look like with brand new windows and patio doors installed. They opted for Evolution’s timber alternative window with single Georgian bar. The design is clean and modern but with a classic look that will never date. The windows are virtually maintenance-free and yet look incredibly like real timber.

Although traditional in their appearance, Evolution Timber Alternative Windows in Sunningdale are more than tough enough to cope with modern life. They feature the most advanced locking systems available in the marketplace.

These Evolution Timber Alternative Windows in Sunningdale have not only given this beautiful home a fresh new look, but have also made it warmer, quieter and more secure.

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