Georgian Dentil Block Fascia and Guttering, Wokingham

Location: Wokingham

You can see from the ‘before’ photos in our gallery above that the fascias and guttering on this home in Wokingham were in dire need of being replaced. They were wooden and had started to split, crack and fall apart which was letting the aesthetics of the property down.

The fascia detail is dentil block. Our client had struggled to find a company that not only provided this type of fascia, but was cost effective too. Thames Valley Windows has a very cost effective solution that duplicates this important Georgian detail. We installed solid eaves trays behind the guttering, and over fascia ventilation, complying with Building Regulations.

Our client is delighted with the finished installation. Their home looks much smarter and cleaner and because the fascias and guttering are made from the most up to date, technologically advanced uPVC, they will require zero maintenance and will this good for many years to come.

We offer a choice of seven designs of fascia board including four with decorative moulded edging. Our guttering and downpipes are available in white, brown or black in half round , square or Classic Ogee designs.

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