uPVC Double Glazing, Ascot

Location: Ascot

Located in Ascot this new-build used to have timber framed windows with a flush casement. The character of the windows was an important feature to the homeowners, but the maintenance that timber windows would require meant that the owners wanted uPVC double glazing.

After seeing the different alternatives for timber windows in our Evolution uPVC double glazing in Ascot on display in our showroom the homeowners decided that it would be an ideal option for their home in Ascot. The timber effect uPVC double glazing windows look almost identical to their previous timber frames. However, they came with the benefit of being both free of maintenance and with the ability to remain looking fantastic for a multitude of years.

The timber effect flush windows from Evolution, look a lot more appealing despite using the same proportions as the windows that were originally fitted. The new uPVC double glazing window in Ascot is also much more secure, as the frame isn’t prone to expansion when the weather gets damp and the casement gap is tighter, providing a neat and clean overall appearance.

With the addition of the new composite door that was chosen in black, the Ascot property’s appearance has been completely transformed. The pictures from before the installation, and the results after, can be seen in the gallery.

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