uPVC Double Glazing, Egham

Location: Egham

The quaint town of Egham has some beautiful Victorian properties. Victorian homes are in demand, and with the hope to keep the look and historical value of this Egham home, the owner was looking to keep his classic sliding sash windows, but moving away from warping and high-maintenance timber to a product that was easier to care for in the long run. There are quite a few windows on the market, and they had a neighbour who previously installed uPVC double glazing windows the year before—but this client wanted to keep looking for a product a little more traditional.

Thankfully, our Evolution Storm Timber Alternative double glazing window, a traditional sliding sash window made from materials that stand the test of time at a far more improved pace than timber, was their perfect choice. In fact, they loved the authentic design features of these double glazing windows that made them fit right in to the overall house style.

In order to replicate the original house build, the windows were set back into the brick wall and the interior portion was fitted with architrave and mouldings to maintain the home’s historical integrity. The end result was a perfect replica, both in look and design, of the original windows, and yet made with modern materials that increase the Egham home’s value by removing several inherent problems that come along with timber use.

Our client was so pleased with the result, he decided to replace his front door with an Evolution Boxmoor, another option that is an alternative to timber, and requires little to no maintenance. Their door looks fresh every day, drawing compliments from their guests.

The new double glazing windows mean their Egham home is warmer, quieter, and the perfect modern adaptation to a historical home property.

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