Internorm Tilt and Turn Windows, Front Door and Lift and Slide Sliding Doors, Wokingham

Location: Wokingham

This lovely family home in Wokingham has had all the original timber windows, front door and a set of patio doors replaced with triple glazed windows and doors from Internorm.

The original windows had started to rot, the double glazing had started to fail and the doors had very little thermal protection or security features. As such, the house was draughty and not very secure.

Our client chose Internorm for the superb quality, flexibility and security. Triple glazed as standard means their home is now warmer and secure.

The new windows are not vastly different in style from the original windows, ensuring that they remain in keeping with the style of the property and neighbouring houses. Outside, the new window frames are a dark bronze colour. Inside, the frames are pure white which has made the rooms much lighter.  Originally they had been a brown colour. The original windows at the front of the property had a diamond lead design. The new windows have a rectangle lead design which is a little more modern and cleaner and lets in more light. The ‘before’ pictures can be seen in the gallery above.

The uPVC/aluminium tilt & turn windows provide secure ventilation when tilted in a lockable position and can be fully opened inwards to make keeping them clean an easier task, especially upstairs where they are harder to reach. Triple glazed, these windows achieve an impressive low u-value of 0.88 W/m2K.

The lift & slide sliding doors glide easily along the track, dispute their weight. Simply lower the lever handle and the doors lock, in any position along the track.

Our client is delighted with their new windows and doors!


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