Sliding Doors, Twickenham

Location: Twickenham

The owners of this property in Twickenham have added a rear extension to increase the size of their kitchen and living area. They wanted the room to be as light as possible and to maximise the views of their garden. The opening at the side of the room is big at nearly 6 metres wide however, our sliding doors from Internorm come in sizes up to 5.8 metres wide by 2.8 meters high.

We installed two sets of Internorm’s HS330 timber/aluminium composite lift & slide sliding doors which are triple glazed as standard. Inside, the frames are finished in Spruce. Outside, the frames have a bespoke matt finish. Each sash weighs 274kg each however, they glide effortlessly along the flush track.

These sliding doors first lift up onto the track and then slide. They are operated with a lever handle. At any point along the track, the doors can be locked in position which is a great safety feature.

Beautiful sliding doors. High quality and high performance doors with ultra-low u-values.

We have the HS330 sliding door in our Bracknell showroom. We highly recommend that you make an appointment to ensure that one of our Internorm Designers is available to discuss your requirements.

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