23rd February 2023

The Advantages and Benefits of External Sliding Pocket Doors

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While home trends may come and go, one trend will not become unfashionable with homeowners. And that’s a spacious and bright living space filled with natural light.

Stylish external sliding pocket doors are the evolution of sliding doors with slimline frames. They have an opulent feel and are popular for homeowners to make the home feel spacious and luxurious, boosting well-being and energy levels whilst creating a smooth transition between interior and exterior spaces.

The pocket doors can be designed in various configurations: single panel larger door, double panel, triple panel and centre parting doors that slide into opposite cavity pockets on extended tracks.

These innovative large glass sliding doors offer a contemporary invisible aesthetic when open as the panels slide into a wall-mounted pocket to neatly conceal the stacked panels and offer 100% opening that adds a breath-taking divide and the wow factor to any home, making them a popular choice for modern and traditional properties.

As well as offering stunning aesthetics, sleek, minimalist design and versatile functionality, these large sliding pocket doors are also highly energy-efficient and provide outstanding insulation and thermal performance to help lower carbon footprint.

What are Sliding Pocket Doors?

Interior sliding pocket doors have been used since Victorian times to create a flow between rooms when fully opened. They are designed to open and close by sliding into a wall cavity rather than swinging open into a room like traditional hinged doors.

This innovative design provides a space-saving solution that can divide rooms, create privacy, or add a touch of style to your home.

The sliding door panel is mounted on a track and glides smoothly into the wall-mounted pocket, providing an uninterrupted view of the room and freeing up floor space that a traditional door would otherwise take up.

External sliding glass pocket doors are proving popular in contemporary architecture. Their demand has only increased in recent years thanks to their versatile design and easy maintenance, and they tie in perfectly with the minimalist trend.

When designed with a flush track will create an open-plan living area with a seamless transition from inside to outside.

Key Features and Advantages of External Sliding Pocket Doors

External pocket sliding doors offer a range of benefits and advantages for homeowners looking to create stylish and luxurious living spaces.

  • Space-Saving design – external sliding pocket doors are designed to slide into a wall-mounted pocket, freeing up valuable floor space that bi-folding doors or traditional French doors would otherwise use
  • Improved Accessibility – with no door swing, sliding pocket doors are an excellent door-opening solution for those with limited mobility or families with young children.
  • Versatile Style – sliding pocket doors offer the best indoor-outdoor living experience when open and closed.
  • Increased Privacy – internal sliding pocket doors provide an excellent solution for creating privacy in your home. These innovative and trending doors can divide rooms and create zones for working or relaxing.

Glass internal sliding pocket doors can also add natural light to your home, creating a brighter and more spacious feel. This is particularly useful in smaller homes where every inch counts or in larger homes where you want to create a more open and spacious ambience.

On-Trend Design Options

Combining external sliding pocket doors with flush floor finishes and an open corner will create a genuinely fantastic architectural feature.

External Slimline Pocket Door Systems

Here are Thames Valley Windows. We offer a range of Slimline sliding pocket doors manufactured from durable powder-coated aluminium in various colours and finishes.:

VISION20: Minimalistic sliding glass door for stunning aesthetic design with unmatched acoustic and thermal performance that offers a degree of design freedom.

These aluminium doors can be designed with a maximum panel height of 3000 mm and 2500 mm in width and are the perfect choice for Homeowners looking for a cost-effective solution that will make a style statement.

SUNFLEX: These large-scale lift and slide door systems offer outstanding performance and can be designed with a maximum panel height of 3020 mm and 2950 mm in width.

CERO: Solarlux is passionate about quality, design and craftsmanship. Their bespoke Cero sliding doors are exquisitely manufactured using the highest quality material.

Precision-engineered slimline aluminium sliding door CERO II systems can accommodate a maximum panel height of 6000 mm and 4000 mm in width.

Are you thinking about installing External Sliding Pocket Doors?

Thames Valley Windows is a family business with nearly forty years of experience in the glazing industry.

We have established an exceptional reputation for designing and installing outstanding architectural glazing solutions for traditional and contemporary homes in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and South East.

Our ethos is driven by our passion and commitment to delivering outstanding customer service from initial planning through design, installation and after-sales service to provide a seamless experience.

Contact our designers to have a chat about windows and doors for your home improvement requirements.

External Sliding Pocket Door Recent Projects

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